Baby Mila's Adventures
First Entry:

 Where it all started

When I first joined this family I was only 3 months old. They picked me because they like my markings and said I had real dachshund profile. I do have one defect I have a horrible under bite, but they said I was beautiful any way. Shortly after I was brought home, my big brother Biscuit got really sick. They say he had liver disease. It seems all the dog around me were getting sick. First my mom had a Mammary gland tumor and had to have surgery to remove it so we did not get a lot of time with her. Then my new brother with liver disease.

Biscuit had to spend several nights at the vets. My new parents were very upset. We were not sure if he was going to pull through. They put in long night not knowing if he would make it through. So between me as a new puppy and trying to nurse biscuit back to health. My parents were tired.

The reason I tell you all this part of my story is not to make you sad, but so you can see because of these events my love for fetching was born. My parents were so tired and new they would have to burn off some of my puppy energy. The only way they could do that, was to squeak and throw my toys for me so I would run after them. It became apparent to me, if I did not bring it back, I did not get to play. So I learned quickly to bring my toys when thrown. This fact will help me in many of my later adventures I would like to tell you about. It is also the way I feel most comfortable in communication with those around me be it dog or human.

So please come back and visit my Journal page.  I have had many fun and funny  adventures. My mom is a real character and is always looking for ways to keep me busy and my mind occupied. I would like to share these with you. I think you would really enjoy them.

Here is some picture of me as a puppy:




Me with my brother and sisters.

Me checking out me new home.

 Me taking care of my big brother Biscuit

My First Halloween: 8/25/2006

Every year a local Dachshund group has a Halloween costume contest. This year biscuit went as Robin Hood. Even though I was too young to go to the party my family didn’t want me to be left out so my Big Sister bought me a cowgirl costume. Don’t I Look Cute!





My First Christmas: 12/25/2006

On Christmas every year my family gets together and open presents on Christmas Eve. First my family opened there presents and stocking from Santa.  Then biscuit got to open his stocking he had some smelly treats my mom had made him. He really could not get his usually treats because of being sick and he really did not like to play with toys. Then it was my turn. My family produced a big long wrapped present out of my stocking. I wasn’t sure what it was. But when I opened it up it was a new booboo it was as long as me this was great! When I first came into this family a friend of my moms gave me a little booboo this was my favorite toy. But this booboo was as big as me. I was soo excited I grabbed the booboo jumped off the couch and went running around the house. I was so excited I jumped the barriers that was set up in the kitchen.  This was the best gift ever. I love stuffed toys.


Our Christmas Photo

7/9/2007 Wags for wishes – Delmar horse park

         I love to run!

October 28, 2007

As I mentioned before usually for Halloween we go to a local Dachshund groups Halloween costume contest. Well this year there was big fires so the Dachshund group canceled there event but my mom found another event in our local community. Since biscuit had a robin hood costume they decided I should be Maid Marion. We won first place in the couples category.



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