Costumes my Mom has created
and sewn......
Go dog go

This maid Marian costume is made from old curtains.        
Made the bow and arrow with craft dowels and dental floss. It really shoots the arrows. The hat is molded from a piece of felt the outfit is old sweats and baby tights died green.

Jean Jacket faux-fur lined hooded coat

Jean Jacket with attach skirt.

Fin and Jack  with Lady Rainicorn.

     Hat created from a piece of felt.

My daughter as a  
Star Wars Twi'lek ..

Posted by Mila & Ezri Miesner on Sunday, July 21, 2013

    Dachshund racing jersy
Dachshund racing Jersey's

ben ten
Ben Ten Jacket
Vampire & Victim
 Final Fantasy -  Yuma

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