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I am independent, confident and customer-oriented, self-sufficient, highly motivated; extremely detail oriented, organized, proficient with computers, and conduct myself with professionalism and a positive demeanor.

Hard-working team player with great ability to adapt my skills to new environments.

I started working for Investical Realty Corporation in 2010. I came to them  with 8 years experience as a Project Assistant with a land development firm. As an Executive Assistant for the Property Management and Accounting Departments my duties include accounting clerk responsibilities as well as various administrative functions. Such as web site updating and photo editing.

I started as a temp agency receptionist for my former employer. I did not have a back ground in construction but they purchased my contract and promoted me because of my great organization and computer skills. I aided my bosses in their job by maintaining the data generated by projects. Tracking projects to keep them on time and handling there paper work so they could focus on the task at hand. Worked with people in different departments to keep flow of information current. Work with outside agency on bid projects so the process would go smoothly.

A dedicated employee with a positive attitude.  I am a strong team player, and I love working with people.

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Besides looking for work in the arena of a business office as an Assistant, I am also interested in working for a veterinarian office as receptionist or training dogs.

I have two dogs of my own. I have a background in dog obedience training & show with many years of working with animals in a small farm setting.  In my youth I worked in two pet shops and did a volunteer stint in a vet’s office as well as some volunteer work in training dogs so they would be more adoptable at the local animal shelter.

I don't have a training degree but have help many people with my skills and ability to read dog and other animal’s body language. I have trained a horse for an amputee,  I have had dog’s in movie, commercials and print ads. Most of my training was done as a young adult. I did not pursue a degree in dog psychology or training because my computer skills are more Lucrative.
My recent experiences have been with nursing a sick dog with liver disease back to health from the brink of death, (he is now 17 years old.) and in raising a  puppy.  I keep up on pet periodicals and news and am a member of several dog organizations. My dog has titles in Earthdog, Hunt Hound, Lura coursing, the Certificat of Gameness and Canine Good Citizen.

So I feel that I have valuable experience to draw on in wanting to work in a Vet's office. I have also raised Rats, Birds Ducks and Rabbits.

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Computers .........
I have Extensive skills working with computers for all aspect of business.  I am a hard worker and a fast Learner.  
I am factual, sensible and logical. I am masterful at analyzing complex systems and introducing change to improve productivity and efficiency. I can combine a no-nonsense facts and figures approach with a “why not try it” openness to strategy.

Wrote my own data bases in Access to make information simpler for managers to track large amounts of data. Have also worked in Crystal Reports, Timberline and Skyline.

Back ground in computer programing in BASIC and FORTRAN along with data base structures. Ability to master new software programs quickly.

Computer skills include: Microsoft: office 2003\2007, Word, Excel, Access,  Outlook,  Power Point, Publisher; Adobe: Acrobat, Photo shop Elements basic HTML editing, web page design, Video Editing, basic graphic design and many more. Explore my web sites to see some of my other skills.   Please also check out the links below to see my creative side.

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Denise Miesner
Phone: 619-226-8116
San Diego, CA 92107
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